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"Our hands on approach allows us to achieve our goals and get our patients back to their pre -injury condition."
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Woodlyn Physical Therapy, Inc.
You have choices when it comes to physical therapy:
When you are in need of physical therapy services, it is important to know that as a patient, you do have options and choices.  When the doctor tells you that you need therapy, explore your options.  
We are a physical therapist owned and operated company.  We believe our hands-on techniques along with the individualized care sets us apart from other larger companies and facilities.  

If you are currently in therapy and not getting the results you want....make a change and see what we can do for you.
           Physican Referral/Prescription
How do you get to us?
  • You can visit your healthcare physican and they can refer you for physical therapy. 
  • They will give you a referral/prescription.  
  • Once you have a physican referral/prescription, you are able to seek therapy services anywhere your insurance permits.  
  • You DO NOT have to go to the one on the top of the Referral/Prescription.

  • Have you been in physical therapy for some time and have not gotten any relief??? Make a change and see what Woodlyn Physical Therapy can do for you.