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"Our hands on approach allows us to achieve our goals and get our patients back to their pre -injury condition."
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Woodlyn Physical Therapy, Inc.

Our Philosophy

"Hands-on care"
​We at Woodlyn Physical Therapy, Inc. specialize in all orthopedic injuries.  This includes sports medicine, workman's compensation, motor vehicle accidents and other personal injuries.
Our philosophy is that "hands on" physical therapy equals complete recovery, continued productive employment and return to your normal lifestyle.
We pride ourselves in treating the underlying condition not just the symptoms.  Our staff takes pride in specializing in "hand on" treatment including myofacial release, joint mobilization and manipulation, PNF and many others.

What is 
"Hands on" Treatment ??
Woodlyn Physical Therapy, Inc. is a rehabilitation facility that takes individual care seriously.  Each patient meets with the same liscensed physical therapist each time they visit.
The therapist provides "hands on" treatment.  This may include joint mobilization, cupping, PNF techniques just to mention a few techniques.  
Frequently patients will come to our facility after receiving treatment at other facilities.  After the first visit, they comment on how different the treatment was and how much better they feel.
Have you been in therapy for a while and not had results?  You need to try our facility and see for your self!
See our testimonial page for patient reviews.